Wood It Matter? The Artistry Of Jeffrey Matter Woodworking Art - Solo Show

Wood It Matter? The Woodworking Artistry of Jeffrey Matter Art Show

Our first show was February 3rd, 2017, featuring the Wood Working Art of Jeffrey Matter.
What an exquisite show to have as the first one here!

In the area of Longwood, FL, there stood a 3500 year old tree nicknamed The Senator, and a nearby park, Big Tree Park is named after the Tree. Tragically, in 2012, the tree burned down. But, three artists were given permission to take wood from the burned down tree and create art with it. Jeffrey Matter's previous work was so impressive, that he was one of the artists chosen.

Not long after we opened, I saw a news story on Jeffrey Matter on the local news and thought, "wouldn't it be amazing if he would agree to do the first show to open our gallery?" To our delight, he agreed.

Jeff Matter's work has also been purchased by Ripley's Believe It Or Not and we got the opportunity to display the already purchased pieces one last time at our show as well.
We had a decent turn out for our first show, the artist did sell some pieces and a fun time was had by all.

Click This Link To Go The Video:  Jeffrey Matter on News 13 Video Interview



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