Kaleidoscope Venue For The Arts

This year marks three years since receiving the keys to the first venue for the arts. In envisioning the shows, both Jack and myself wanted there to be something different and unique at each show, new artists, new art, new elements, so this opened the door for the name to be Kaleidoscope (ever changing)

In this past three years we have hosted 165+ art shows and shown the work of over 200 local, national and international artists. With a Kaleidoscope of themes, ranging from Photography, Abstract, Decor, 3D, Sculpture, Digital Art, Fan Art, Black Light, Light Up, Paper Art, Animal Art, Anime, Heritage, Food and so much more, we have enjoyed seeing so many talented artists and their work come out and share, showing work for the first time in many instances.

Our focus is to keep creating opportunities for artists to show their work....